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Are You Making These Mistakes?

Right now, salespeople everywhere are making critical mistakes in the 8 steps to a sale that are costing them those extra sales they want to be making now.

Review my 8 steps…

• In Step 2. Mistake – they don’t investigate to find wants, needs and hot buttons. Remember, 86% buy a different make, model, color or with different equipment than they planned to buy. 71% for online

shoppers. You can’t get the 86% working for you though, without the info it takes to send them home in a different vehicle.

• In Step 3. Mistake – they skip the demo. The demo is two things:

1) Your targeted presentation on their hot buttons takes place on the demo, not the lot.

2) Buying is emotional, the ‘yes we’ll take it’ is often an impulse and the demo is the highest emotional part of buying.

Basically: No Demo = No Sale

• Steps 5, 6 & 7 set up the final close.

Closing isn’t 1 question – it’s a process!

These 3 steps of closing turn the info from Step 2 into a ‘summary’ close on the benefits, followed by an ‘assumptive’ close and then ‘action closes’.

Mistake – they work deals focused on price, instead of budget…

Stop focusing on price. Why? Because it isn’t even on their top 10 priority list.

What does matter in buying a car, is their ‘budget’. Whether the car is 20 grand or 120 grand – if they can’t handle the payment, they don’t buy the vehicle. Period.

Why not follow my 8 steps & sell more?


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