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Are You Working Or Waiting To Work?

You have the opportunity to make a $300 or $500 or $1,000 commission 4 times every day.

Instead of developing sales skills and having the discipline to follow 8 simple steps, most salespeople settle for an average voucher every 2 or 3 days.

And then explain to family and friends that it isn’t their fault, and they’re doing everything possible.

Sorry, but ‘waiting’ isn’t working or doing anything else but wasting your opportunities every day.

I covered this in our sales class and one salesperson interrupted to say, “But if nobody is here, I can’t sell.”

He’s right, and I guess he’s never heard about ‘developing’ his own business through unsold follow up, prospecting by phone or in person, like in the service waiting area (visit and ask 6 questions – then stay in touch).

If someone is ready to buy today or soon, that’s great. But whether it’s today or a year from now, don’t you want the sale when they do?

30% of all the people you see and talk to have a family member who’ll be buying within 90 days, either from you or someone else.

Invest ‘minutes’ staying in touch now and then – when they’re ready to buy, it’ll be from you. Why? Because now they know you and would always rather talk to someone they know about buying a car than talk to a stranger.


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