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Ask Joe

“What do you do when they tell you that they
only have a few minutes?”
Have you ever heard this objection before? Sure, almost every day you’ve
sold cars.
Most salespeople mess this up by challenging the objection and miss sales every day. It’s a shame, because this is a simple objection to handle. It’s a ‘reflex’ type of objection, just something we all say sometimes, when we’re out shopping. It’s the same type of objection as, “We’re just looking.”
The first rule to learn about reflex objections is to ‘welcome’ what they just said. Learn to make the first word out of your mouth positive. When they object, just respond with ‘great’.
“We’re in a hurry and just want to look around for a few minutes.”
“Great, maybe I can answer a few questions while you guys are here and grab you a brochure before you leave.”
Pause briefly, then just ask a question and move into your investigation and rapport steps like this…
“When you do get a little closer, who’s the lucky one, who gets the new car this time Betty – you or Bob?” Betty.
“And will you be looking for something pretty basic or with more equipment?” With the reflex objection out of the way, now just continue with The New Basics™.