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Ask Joe

“What do I need to cover in our daily sales training and which of our salespeople should be required to attend?”

Some answers are easy…

Cover everything and require everyone to attend, including every manager. Seriously! These are the four areas you want to focus on in all of your training and everyone needs the training:

• Skills (Selling Skills)

• Habits (Work Habits)

• Attitudes (Work, Success, Sales, etc.)

• Choice Of Customers (Retention)

There is so much to learn, you have to train daily just to keep up. Use the list below as a guide when you try to create your own training in-house.

Why did I say ‘try’? Because you’re already busy all day, and it’s not easy to find the time to ‘recreate the wheel’ I’ve already created with our workshops and virtual training.

When designing a program in this market, you need to remember today’s buyer is more focused and more cautious than ever. I’d recommend the following training topics which we cover in our own training workshops:

• Understanding today’s buyer

• Attitude – Attitude – Attitude!

• Goal setting and planning

• Developing effective work habits

• Organizational skills

• Daily work plans

• Follow up (sold and unsold)

• The New Basics™ steps of selling

• Prospecting (in person / by phone)

• Bypassing price on the lot

• Rephrasing price when closing

• Refocusing price when negotiating

• Mastering the telephone

• Turning Internet leads to appointments

• Closing the sale with today’s buyer

• Tracking / Averaging / Charting

• Handling objections

• CRIC method to close on objections

• Accurate forecasting and planning

• An effective retention process

• Building their customer base

• Setting up an effective Negotiation

Negotiating (working the deal)

• Professional appearance

It’s no secret that dealers and managers hum-haw around about training; it’s a lot of trouble, it costs too much, we don’t have time, and all those other reasons. They know they need it, but if they never make a commitment, they never get the results good training guarantees. Just remember

When you make a total commitment to training, all salespeople and managers produce at above average levels, and almost all become high achievers and continue to grow. The bottom line: increased sales, more gross and better CSI – everybody wins.