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Ask Joe

“How can I improve my
sales in the next 30 days?”
If your dealership has tons of floor traffic, slow down and stop prequalifying everybody. Even the flaky people don’t like it, and the ones who can buy, will leave within minutes.
Speed kills sales, so slow down with everyone so you can build value and actually sell the vehicle. It takes 20+ minutes to wander-around with Q&A, introduce people to service, and to select the vehicle you want to demo (and sell).
A decent demonstration takes at least 20 minutes. Wrapping up the closing sequence takes at least 10 minutes. That’s close to an hour so far, and that’s if you go fast. Stop focusing on how many people you can talk to, and start focusing on the odds that are in your favor when you do it right.
Stop taking shortcuts when you finally get a commitment. Speed kills selling on the lot and slow kills negotiations. But you can’t speed up if you don’t do it right the first time and get all of the information you and your managers need to work the deal correctly.
Pay attention and get more sales calls. Then make sure you stay off price and focus on just making an appointment. If you can’t sell, start working with a salesperson who can, and start splitting deals and earning some money.
If nobody will take your turns, go tell your manager you need some help and turn them straight to the manager before you’ve completely blown it.
If you aren’t getting names and numbers on the lot right now when someone leaves – get 75%, call all of them and you’ll increase your sales 67%.
And stay away from all those lazy salespeople who do nothing but stand around and complain all day about how slow it is.
Just go to work and do your job, and you’ll sell more than you can imagine.