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Ask Joe

“How do you define ‘controlling’ salespeople?”
Managing a sales team is no different than a salesperson trying to close the sale – with no control, there’s no sale.
If you don’t control your salespeople, their skills and their daily activities – you won’t get too many sales, either. But when they hear ‘control’, too many managers confuse having control of their salespeople with having power over them. They think they’re the ‘boss’ instead of the trainer, the coach and the personal manager. Then they can’t figure out why sales are down and why nothing works out right.
Since the average manager doesn’t actually know how to manage salespeople to control production, they blame their salespeople. This is the manager who is constantly telling everyone how well they could do if they could just get a decent sales team together.
Power isn’t management and management isn’t control. The manager with real power and real control is the manager who has the respect and loyalty of the salespeople, not the manager with a whip in his hand. Remember: Both respect and loyalty are earned qualities and can’t ever be demanded.
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