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Ask Joe: Fear, Angst & Discomfort

Why do you even need to close if everyone came to buy?…”


Buying a car is something most people only do every few years, and they know they can never figure out which is the real, best thing for them to do.

Recently, I bought two vehicles and traded in my old ones, and no matter how much you think you know, you really don’t know that much.

I’ve been in the car business for 40 years. But when I’m sitting in Finance … between pricing, rebates, auto dealer incentives, ACV on my trades, maintenance packages, wheel and tire options (a lot of curbs, rocks and downed trees seem to hit my tires & wheels), paint and fabric to keep my dog, grandkids and me from staining seats, tow packages, tool boxes, bedliners, tonneau covers, etc. … I have no idea if I paid the rent for two dealerships or got the deal of the century.

What I do know is that I liked both dealerships and their Service departments, and I liked the managers and salespeople who helped me.

So in my mind, and in most other people’s minds, too, a ‘Good Deal’ is a feeling, not a ‘Number’.


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