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Ask your way to the sale!

As the 8 car guy my first 5 years, the only questions I asked were; how much down, what payments did you want, do you have a trade, what do you owe, how’s your credit, are you ready to buy today?

Before I sold cars again, I learned more about selling and I learned why Socrates (400 BC) said…

“If you want people to say the right thing, just ask them the right question.”

Wow, was he right, and the more I learned about asking questions, the more I was able to keep the sale on track and deliver more units. When you do talk, you should ask questions to gather information on their wants & needs, to confirm the value, and to get minor TMO commitments.

The ‘Yes’ questions are critical in sales. Use them to confirm the benefits of owning, to get minor commitments about their hot button features, and in Step #5 you’ll use those to start your Summary Closing on the way back to the dealership.

When you learn how to ask this one type of question, you will close more sales than you ever imagined.

Note: You always have to know the answer before you ask the question, because they won’t say ‘Yes’ if the answer is ‘No’. So instead of getting the ‘Yes’ you hoped for – the ‘No’ stops your progress.

Take a simple question, “Betty, isn’t that red awesome?” You want to hear, “I love it,” but if you don’t know that she likes red, don’t ask that, because she may hate it.

Your goal is to learn all you can about their wants, driving needs, hot buttons, how they’ll use the vehicle, and why they’re buying it and use that info to close the sale. Yes, it’s critical because…

People don’t buy until they take TMO: Total Mental Ownership

Each “Yes” response moves you closer to TMO and a delivery.


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