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Attitude Is Everything

Attitudes are your most important tool to sell more, especially now, while everything is going on.

When you walk out with a spring in your step & a smile on your face to greet every customer, you just buried the last 3 salespeople they met down the street, and that’s before you even say anything.

When we were selling 17+ million units a year, a salesperson could have a stinky little attitude about life and sales most days, and still make money in spite of themselves.

Dealerships could run a sloppy sales force with little or no training for their salespeople and still make millions, and earn 10 times that in blue sky if they sold their store.

Not anymore. Once sales are allowed to start falling, attitudes fall right along, and are followed by even more lost sales.

The best news for positive people, is most of your competitors aren’t.

I talked to a receptionist I’ve known for years, and she said she’s bored stiff, because traffic and sales are off in their high-line store.

She said everybody is constantly talking about how hard it is to get cars, and that they aren’t getting enough traffic. And they’re moping around complaining all day.

Then I asked her how one of the salespeople I know is doing, and she said, “Oh, he’s doing great.”

Just remember… Attitude is 80% of selling!


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