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Avoid more objections when you close!

Stop adding more objections & make closing the sale easier.

How many times has a customer given you an objection like, “It’s too much,” and you made the mistake of thinking you’ll close it quick with, “Not a problem, we’ll make you the deal of the month.”

Only to have them add another one…

“We don’t want to put any down.” So you try again, “It’s OK, we’ll work it out,” and get…

“What about the payments, how long can we go and what’s the rate?”

“Hey, Bob, like I said, we want to sell some cars, come on in and let’s make an offer.”

“It’s a lot to consider – I think we need to think about this, so we’ll call you later.”

Not what you wanted to happen.

Or – you’ve done a good job, you try to close and they say, “It’s just too much money for us right now.” … Do not, do not, do not ask how much can they afford or try to close with, “No problem, we have some great discounts, let’s go see…etc.”

Batting practice is fun. In sales, not so much. So learn how to ISOLATE any objection with just 2 words and REPHRASE any objection about price to budget.

ISOLATE: “Other Than”

“So Jim, other than fitting this into your budget, is there any other reason we can’t wrap this up and get you guys headed to the river in your new truck?”

“No, we love it and if you can work miracles, sure, let’s do it.”

Now the only thing you have to do is to fit it into their budget. (See ‘Closing’ on JVTN® and review ‘Kitchen Table Budgets’.)

What if they have 2 or 3 objections?

No problem, just learn a few more words to get it back to the ‘one thing’. Example…

You close at the end of your demo:

“Sounds like we found the perfect truck for you guys, park it in the sold line and I’ll pull the keys, so nobody else can drive it.”

“Joe, it’s too expensive for us – plus we also wanted
silver not white, and the rear entertainment to keep the kids busy
on the way to the river.”

Agree: “I totally understand – it sounds like everything else on the truck is perfect though, so of color, equipment and price, which is most important?

“Joe, they’re all important.”

“Bob, with the chip shortages, I’m surprised we even have this truck. I know white was your 2nd choice and you can also save a lot by getting tablets for the kids to use at home and in the car, so seriously – of color, the rear entertainment & price, which is MOST important?”

Most customers will say ‘price’ and that’s exactly what you want, because it’s the easiest to work with – and I’m not talking about having a price dropping contest.

You’ve gone from color, equipment and price down to price as their only objection, so it’s time to REPHRASE price to budget.

“So other than fitting it in your budget, is there any other reason we can’t put all this shopping behind you, so you can hook up the boat and head to the river tomorrow?”

“No, if you can work it out, we’ll take it.”

Now close again, “Can I get you guys coffee or something else to drink while we wrap this up and get you on the road?” “Coffee.”

Congrats: From 3 objections to price, to budget, to having coffee while you write it up.


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