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Avoiding Distractions…

While we’re talking peer pressure, when I started selling cars again, I had a clear daily routine I followed to sell more.

I’d get there half an hour early, then walk the front line and back lot to see what came in or moved around since I’d left.

I walked through service, the customer lounge and talked to service customers whenever possible. Then I said ‘hi’ to parts, reception, the cashier – grabbed a coffee and went to my office. I’d already planned my day, so I was ready to ‘hit it’.

At first, the other salespeople would plop down and ask ‘what’s up?’ I’d just say, “Working on who to call today and stuff.” Most were OK and would leave.

But soon, and we’re talking weeks, not months, when they’d come in and I’d be working, it turned into, “So you’re too good to talk to me now?”

I was also selling 3 times as many as my soon to be ex-friends, and it wasn’t long before they whined to the managers, said I was stealing ups, cutting them on deals or selling cars they’d hoped to sell.

And it wasn’t long before that ‘drip, drip, drip’ torture thing worked on my manager friends, too, and then they started with the, “So here’s the hotshot…”

Within weeks, only the porter – who became a service writer, then service manager, then F&I, then GM and then dealer – turned out to be the only real friend I’d actually had there.

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