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Balance Your Enthusiasm…

Control your enthusiasm and you’ll control your career in sales.

Selling is a combination of enthusiasm (attitude), skills, work habits, choice of customers and product knowledge.

Enthusiasm is primarily determined by your success, your peers, and your job satisfaction.

Success in selling is directly connected to…

  • Your Skills … Knowing how to quickly build rapport, find their hot buttons, sell yourself, your dealership and your product, build value, present, demonstrate, close, deal with price, negotiate, follow up, prospect, turn leads into appointments and retain customers, etc.
  • Your Processes … Every skill above is a mini-process, that when followed correctly, leads to a sale. But without a consistent path to follow, you can master a great close to overcome a price objection, but if you lack a process to get you to a point where you can use that close effectively, it just becomes a great close that only works now and then.
  • Your Product Knowledge … you need to know 10 times as much product knowledge as you’ll ever use with any one customer. So always remember…

 Learn everything about your product, but only cover what your customer cares about.

  • Your Overall Attitude / How You Feel About…

– success (define yours)

– your job (do you like selling cars?)

– your product (do you like the product you sell?)

– your customers (do you like working with people?)

– your dealership (do you like where you work?)

– your managers (good trainers, coaches, mentors?)

It would be tough to be enthusiastic about selling a car if you didn’t like the car business or if you didn’t like talking to people. And it isn’t much fun to be asked questions about the product if you don’t know the answers.

Most important, selling can’t ever be much fun if you don’t have the skills it takes to actually sell the vehicle. In real life, your enthusiasm flies right out the window if you look at the sales board or your paycheck every month and you don’t like what you see.

Think about it – you can control your enthusiasm because it comes from your skills, your work habits, your product knowledge, the type of customers you work with and your attitude about everything above, and more.


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