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Be A Pro – Look, Act, Sound & Think Like One

You have 11 more months this year and if you want to improve and break records, just do what other 20-30 car salesperson do:

• Ditch ‘average’, and Look, Act, Sound and Think like a pro in sales this year!

• Leave your problems and everything else that’s going on in life at the curb and just go-to-work-to-work to sell a car.

• Work your shift. Don’t wait, hope, or visit – just ‘work’. Tell your family you love them before you leave for work and to only call / text you in emergencies.

• Put this on a card and read it often…

“Am I doing the most productive thing possible right now?”

• Don’t ask – assume each prospect will buy today and treat everyone as a buyer.

• Build rapport with everyone.

• Assume nothing – ask questions to find each person’s wants & needs for buying.

• Don’t talk price – build value instead.

• Stop prequalifying, because you’re wrong more often than you’re right. Prequalifying turns too many easy sales into marathon price fights.

• Give every customer your very best demonstration & presentation (in that order).

• Write up everyone you can – period.

• Focus the negotiation on ‘budget’, not price. Keep bringing it back to down and payments. Their payments, not price determine whether 90% buy or walk.

• Follow up everyone: the ones who bought and those who didn’t – yet.


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