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Beat Who’s On Top, Or Improve?

Is your goal to ‘beat the top salesperson’ or to continually improve?

Math: If you both just work your shift and the top SP sells 15 and you sell 12 – of course you can beat him or her just by doubling down on your hours.

Problem: You can’t maintain double down, so I’d recommend continual improvement.

Once I got my license, I used to go play pool after school. I was OK, but no trophy.

After I got out of the Army, I worked in a bar for a year, and they had some high stakes pool games. Those guys let me play, but for nothing less than $2 a game.

Even at $2, I spent hundreds of dollars learning to play pool & my goal was improving.

When I started selling cars, we’d go to the bar across the street after work and play pool – and I won almost all of the time.

Guys would put their $ up for the next game and most only had one goal: To beat me.

I only had one goal, too: Play my best game, every time.

In real life, some were better than me, they just focused on the wrong goal.

How About You?

Sure, it’s disappointing to miss a sale. But do you fall apart, get mad, push harder on the next sale, or figure out what you did well, what you didn’t – and then work to improve?

There are 8 steps to the sale. Just rate yourself on each step, 1-10, each time after you talk to someone about buying.

My Monthly Planning Guide includes a rating sheet and so much more. Go to or you can call us at (800) 445-6217. It’s another great tool to get more gold out of…

Your Gold Mine In Sales


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