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Being Good vs. Getting Better

I’m always surprised when I ask salespeople:

“What did you do to prepare for your 4 or 5 opportunities to make $1,000 today?”

Yep, the answer is usually ‘nothing’. I can’t understand why a salesperson would tell their kids to practice for a soccer game on Saturday, but then not practice for their own big ‘Commission Game’ that they play several times every day at work.

In sales, the more you learn about selling, and the more prepared you are today, the more money you make – period!

You should have three goals: reach a new level in units and income, stabilize, and then develop another skill or process to move up a level. Then just improve a little more, move up another level, stabilize, and keep repeating the process.

When you keep improving, you keep growing.

Most salespeople agree they talk to 3 to 5 people a day. That’s about 100 a month (4 a day x 25 days). Roughly 90 leave without buying. Statistics prove 70 of the 90 are still going to buy. 63 buy within a week, and half of the people who buy somewhere else, buy the same product you just showed them.

Those stats may sound too high, but they’re very correct. It’s tough for most to admit, but the biggest reason people didn’t buy is because you didn’t have the skills to make the sale.

Almost every salesperson reading this is earning about what they learned to earn after just their first 90 days in the car business. The only reason that’s true, is because they stopped learning more and stopped focusing on improving.

Pick up another 10-15 easy deals every month. Log onto JVTN® for just 10 minutes of online sales training, or order my free books and read a couple pages a day. But do something every day to learn more and improve. It doesn’t make sense to give up easy money, especially since you have to work every day, whether you sell more or not.


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