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“Being new, what should I focus on?”

We spend 2 full days in class, have 20 different 2-5+ hour courses on JVTN®, and I have a 400 page book to cover the answer to your question.

Your success in sales depends on how serious you are about learning to sell, the right way.

When people show up, even if they say ‘I came to buy’, most don’t. Not because they didn’t want to, it’s because 80% of salespeople lack the skills to walk them through the process from ‘looking’ to ‘owning’.

Selling requires Skills & a Process!

Selling isn’t just being friendly or knowing your product inside out. Most customers only have a half dozen features & benefits they really care about and buying won’t depend on having the ‘best price’.

To turn a prospect into a delivery, there’s a clear 8-step process to follow and every step relies on your ability to ask the right questions at the right time. Skipping even one step will likely cost you a sale.

If your dealership has JVTN®, start there and take “Fast Start To Selling Cars”. It’ll take about a week. Then spend a month on “How To Sell More Cars” and really dig in to develop every skill we cover.

No JVTN®? Get to my 2 day class. Can’t? Get my book. If you won’t do any of these, ‘good luck’, you’ll need it.

Selling is a gold mine so start digging now.


Sell more cars and develop your skills with  Joe Verde’s online training – JVTN®. Get more info or call us at (800) 445-6217.