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Being Skeptical…

Being skeptical is fine, especially since I keep talking about how easy it is to start selling more…Check out a recent testimonial…

“I just wanted to say thanks!”

“I was a bit of a skeptic when we started on JVTN® 2 months ago. I am just that way about new things.

Since I started your online training, I watch it in the morning, listen in the car on my way to and from work, and even when I work out.

I didn’t realize how important your questions really were, until I practiced and practiced and started to master them and the process.

With your questions, I have been getting better at bypassing price and rephrasing price to budget. What a deal getter they are!

So far, I’ve taken 3 of the Core 4 Selling courses & just had my best month ever at 16 units and my biggest check at over $10,000.

Knowledge is power & I still have a ton more courses I can take.”

You can’t just read something in my blog or watch a quick video and then try it out on your next customer, because it probably won’t work.

You have to at least semi-master everything first and then use it a dozen times. Then practice it more and keep improving, and soon, it’s not a script or close or process, it’s just what you say and do in sales.

Be a smart skeptic like he was, and start improving now.


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