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Blurred Lines Between Selling & Closing

See what I mean about the blurred lines between selling and closing?

Everything you do to bring a customer into the dealership; turning incoming calls into appointments, prospecting in service, and retaining your sold customers – moves the sale forward.

Everything you do in Steps 1-4 of our 8-Step Basics, from your attitude, to your greeting, to your investigation, and your targeted demo and presentation – moves the sale forward.

When you control the conversation and keep it on track by not letting it focus on price instead of value, you’re also moving the sale forward.

Creating urgency helps you close, using CRIC on objections, and obviously mastering effective ‘closes to overcome different objections’, mean closing. Then there’s closing in the negotiation (working the deal), and those final closes to wrap it up so they take it home now.


When you look at “selling”, give it a 50/50 split between selling and closing. Just remember, 71% said they bought because they liked their salesperson.

Farmers thrive on repeats and referrals so they have the 71% edge right away, and don’t have to become great closers.

Great closers have an advantage with every customer, but they can get tripped up when there’s not much floor traffic, if they haven’t developed their repeat and referral business.

The Sweet Spot

The real sweet spot is to be in that group of “Farmers Who Can Sell”. They’re the salespeople who hit those $100,000+ yearly incomes.

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