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Body Language Basics

Being able to ‘read’ what people mean, not what they say, is critical. So is projecting your own body language they’ll be reading.

That’s why it’s so important to master your skills and the 8 steps so you can give your full attention to the customer. When you’re winging it, you can’t pay attention, because you’re trying to figure out what to say next.

● Looking around while a customer is talking screams you aren’t interested in what they’re saying. If they’re looking around, they aren’t interested in what you’re saying.

● Fidgeting while they talk – usually means you are paying zero attention to what they’re saying, probably just waiting to talk.

● Folded arms is a defensive stance: I don’t believe you / I’m skeptical / nervous.

● Too much eye contact, like staring people down, is bad luck. Too little seems like you don’t care. 3 Goal: moderate.

● Smile. Have you noticed that when you smile, people smile, too. When you frown and use your serious voice, they do, too.

● Leaning in means involved,

● Leaning back is the opposite. In your office, when a customer lays back in their chair with their arms crossed … they feel they’re in control.

I wanted to be in charge, so I just mirrored them for minute, then I’d lean forward, write something, point to it or do some math and draw arrows to point out things like ‘less down makes payments go up’.


I was lucky – my first dealership was a hard T.O. store. We were lousy salespeople, but they made us fearless closers who could do great ‘playhouse 90’ as needed.

Master selling, communication and negotiation and you’ll create more win/win sales.

When you develop your skills, you become fearless, too. Not arrogant – just confident.


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