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Building Your Own Business

Plan your day and work your plan is more important now than ever…

I sold cars for 5 years as the 8 car guy, quit & opened an accessory business, and had it for 3 years. Then I started selling cars again.

In those 3 years, I learned so much more about selling than I’d ever learned before. I had to, because I had to build my business.

My business flourished, because I learned how to drive traffic, create repeat customers, and I really learned how to sell.

I also made one fatal flaw – I had dozens of small repeat accounts, and when I took on a big dealer group, I had to drop them. 90% of my sales depended on that group & it all ended one day, when they hired my entire staff and brought everything in-house.

I had bills, so I started selling cars again. It was easy this time, because I’d learned to sell, and because I’d learned how to develop my own prospects and repeat customers, and I didn’t have to rely on anyone else to sell more.

Repeat Business!

Sure, I took ‘ups’ in the beginning, but building my repeat, prospecting and referral base was easy, and I was selling 30+ in 3 or 4 months.

Between ‘ups’, I visited with service customers, called my unsold to get them back in & the dealership’s orphan owners (their SP no longer there) to introduce myself, and I asked everyone for referrals.

If you’ve been through my 4 business development courses on JVTN®: Unsold Follow Up, Mastering Incoming Calls & Leads, Prospecting, and Customer Retention, you understand when

I say ‘organization is critical’ to selling more cars, and to building your long-term customer base.

Think of each of those courses as ‘income multipliers’. Each is a specific process to drive more of that particular business to you, each and every month.

Let’s start & build your repeat customer business to guarantee future sales.


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