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Career Makes Good After Stint In Army

Congrats To Joe Baucco

“After I got out of the Army, I was looking for a new adventure where the sky was the limit. As I was going through your training, I realized I was following in your footsteps from the military into sales, and was very lucky to start at a great dealership that has your training.

They had me start on JVTN® right away and I was taking 2 chapters every day. I sold 10 my first month, got more comfortable and sold 11, then 14, and my 4th month, everything came together for 26 units.

I was following your New Basics and getting better every day at investigating to find each person’s wants and needs and focusing my presentation and demo on their hot buttons.

When we’d get to step 6 at the end of the demo, I truly believed that when I said ‘just park it in the sold line’ they would, and they did.

As I learned more and got more confident in your process, I sold 24.5 in April, 27 in May and now my current average during the pandemic is 26 units – and I am only on my 6th month selling cars.

I believe in your training and have the discipline to put what I learned into practice. I’ve made the most money I’ve ever earned and we were able to get my wife a new Traverse and I got my own dream vehicle, a new Silverado.

Now I know there are no limits on my success. I love selling cars and I can’t wait to get to work every day.”
-Joe Baucco, Sales, OH


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