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Challenges To Developing Skills

What keeps salespeople from developing the critical selling skills to earn $100,000+ per year, usually in less time at work than it takes them to earn $40,000 now?

Practice … If I covered batting lessons, next you’d hit the cage and keep swinging until you’re better, and you’d continue with daily practice to keep improving until you’re hitting home runs every game.

To master ‘selling’ skills, you’ll need to practice & practice the words you’ll say, how you’ll say them (tone & inflection) and your body language as you say them.

• Training Meetings … Hopefully your managers hold training meetings with this newsletter and the courses on JVTN®.

Why? Napoleon Hill calls these ‘Master Mind’ meetings because he discovered that when 5 people of average intelligence discuss things, ‘genius level’ ideas & plans come from the group.

If your managers don’t hold meetings, find other salespeople who also want to improve and create your own ‘Master Mind’ group to improve your skills.

You … In the end, you alone control your sales and income. If you have an unwavering desire, clear & realistic step-goals, a daily plan, and the self-discipline to follow your plan, you’ll have a remarkable career in sales. It’s easy once you make an “I’m doing this no matter what” commitment. I’ve found the statement below to be very accurate in life, business and sales.


If you aren’t willing to learn more & improve, no one can help you.

If you’re determined to learn more & improve, no one can stop you.


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