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I read “Choices” by Shad Helmstetter.

After just a few pages, I knew I wasn’t going to like it. The more I read, the more I really didn’t like it.

I couldn’t stop, because as I read more, I was forced to realize that almost everything that happens is just the result of our choices.

Bad Choices = Bad Stuff
Good Choices = Good Stuff
No Choice = Whatever Happens

Think about your weakness. Is it working deals, price, closing, handling objections, skipping demos…? If you know your weakness, improving or not, is a choice.

We’re being dishonest when we say
‘I can’t’, because it’s really ‘I won’t’!

Ditch the ‘t’ & it’s ‘I can’ & ‘I won’!

My first 5 years selling cars, I used to lie to my son at Christmas just like you may have.

“Sorry I can’t get you that bike, but I did everything I could (except learn more, stop prequalifying, stop dropping price in my first 30 seconds, stop skipping demos, and so much more).”

See what I mean about really not liking the book!

Everything he said was true, and it applies to all of us – and right now, making good choices is critical.

YOU and your choices, not the weather, competition, inventory etc., will determine your results.

Everything gets better when you get better!


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