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Clear Goals = Fast Recovery

To get through this ‘stuff’ the most critical activity now is to have clear goals and plans to get you back on top.

A positive statement: “I’m going to get through this” isn’t a goal, just a statement with nothing to back it up.

Unrealistic goals like, “I’m going to work hard and make 10 grand this month,” are just as bad. When you’re stuck at $2K with no plan, you’ll justify why goal setting doesn’t work.

A realistic goal includes a clear plan that will take you to your goal with incremental step goals along the way.

Today, you need goals to help you get back on track and to do that, you need a pipeline full of prospects. So one of the most important goals you can control today is to start filling your pipeline of future business.

I will make ___ outgoing calls this week.

Call the people you’ve sold and people you didn’t sell. Ask your dealer for service customers you can call to thank them for coming in. Ask for the ‘orphan owners’ list (salesperson no longer there). Call friends and family, and anyone else you have contact with.

Don’t try to sell – just focus on them and actually listen. On each call you’ll know when / if it’s OK to switch gears and work in those 5 or 6 referral prospecting questions we teach to find that next buyer in the family.

You can easily make 100 calls a week. If you do and stay in touch – your pipeline will fill with sales now, soon and down the road. If you have our online training, take the “Prospecting” course on JVTN®.

Also – go to for my free ‘Goal Setting’ book for salespeople. Do it – you’ll be glad you did.