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Closing & Negotiating…

How salespeople miss sales that could have easily become deliveries

Your Opportunity To Deliver More Units

We know 78% (8 out of 10) of the people on your lot came to buy. We also know that 86% are flexible and buy a different color, equipment or vehicle than they said they wanted.

I will agree, it’s tough to sell 8 out of 10, unless you’re working with repeat customers. Then delivering 8 out of 10 is very doable.

Why is it easier with repeats? Because you already have a foundation of ‘trust’ and ‘respect’. And because of that, they’re easier to work with and easier to close.

With walk-in traffic, making the sale is tougher, simply because ‘like & trust’ hasn’t been established yet. Remember, 71% buy once that’s established, and 71% said they won’t buy if it isn’t.

COVID hasn’t changed these facts, and restrictions and low inventory haven’t, either.

My Selling Process Is Your Path To More Sales

Repeat customers are easier, but you can’t skip steps with them either. Your first steps – 1st impression, greeting, building rapport and investigating are still important…

“Hey guys, good to see you again, how’s it going?” Because they already know and like you, moving into who it’s for, why they’re getting it, and how they’ll use it, is easier too, for the same reason.


But be careful when you’re with repeats and people you know, because it’s too easy to skip steps and start talking price up front. Once that happens, you’ve stepped off the ‘path to a sale’. And once you’re off the path, you’ll miss out on the critical steps to build value, close and negotiate a win/win for everyone.

So let’s talk about turning common mistakes into more deliveries.


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