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Closing & Negotiating…

You have to ‘close’ the sale two times, first to get a commitment to head inside, and then to get a final agreement to own it.

“Working The Deal” Means Negotiating Terms And Closing To Deliver

Most people in sales don’t think they negotiate, and of those who do, most don’t like it – because they don’t understand negotiating and aren’t much good at it.

In our sales workshops and online on JVTN®, we teach people “How To Sell More Cars” and set up an effective negotiation.

We show them how to close and negotiate to get a customer to agree to head inside to purchase, and what to say once they’re inside.

Customers don’t like negotiating, and who could blame them. Even some of the most progressive dealers are still using almost the same ‘old school’ process to work deals I was taught years ago. There’s good ‘old school’ that works, but there’s bad old school that doesn’t.

Pros in sales really don’t like it, because all is well UNTIL that old school process kicks in & they can feel the atmosphere tighten up.

Of the 100s of testimonials we’ve posted, you’ll see three common results:

• My sales are easier.
• My gross is higher.
• My customers are happier.

If you’re on JVTN® you’ll have access to even more training on selling and closing than in our classes. In class, we’re able to practice what we cover. On JVTN® though, too many skip that step and just watch a chapter and never practice to develop the skills they need.

Worse, too many skip ahead to a ‘closing’ chapter, try it and think it didn’t work. They’re right, it can’t work, because every chapter before it is the foundation to ‘closing’.

If you take my courses, follow my directions and practice, your sales will improve. Period!