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‘Closing’ & ‘Objections’

Closing: Everything that moves the sale forward. And of course, getting that final TMO ‘total mental ownership’ commitment is closing.

Objections: They’re just speed bumps! Some are easy, some are tough. Overcoming them is closing, too.

I have 100 or so closes I’ve used. Some almost never, and about 10 were my ‘go to’ closes’ for 90% of the objections we all run into.

The most important closes and objection methods to deliver a vehicle are in steps 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the sale. These last 4 steps are ‘closing’ steps. Even when you’ve done a great job in the first 4 ‘value’ steps … you may still get a couple of real & reflex objections and should deliver 50% when you follow all 8 steps correctly.

If you think about it, you only get a half-dozen or so common objections. Whether they’re real, or fear based reflex objections, they’re easy to deal with. Common…

It’s too much, gotta shop brands, shop price, need my spouse or parent, gotta think it over, not enough for my car, addendum, wrong color or equipment, we’ll be back, we’ll wait to save more down, gotta go & feed the kids.

Remember when you’re taking the ‘closing’ courses on JVTN®, DVD, in class or in here … slow down.

Don’t just watch a video. Go over it again and again to understand it. And never just ‘try’.

Practice & Practice & Practice!


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