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Crazy Question…

Seems like a crazy question, but do you actually want to make $100,000+ every year selling cars?

With inventory shortages in the last 3 years, a lot of salespeople made $100K. It was easy when a vehicle finally came in and was guaranteed full price or higher.

Most were bought – not sold.

Yes, things are moving back to normal, but making a hundred a year has always been pretty easy, and I wrote this book on ‘how to’ in 2011, not when COVID hit…

“Earn Over $100,000 Every Year Selling Cars”

If $8,333+ a month sounds good, it’s a free download this month.

Why would I say it’s easy to make $100K, especially now?

When you get to page 4, you’ll read about how your competition does in sales. And for anyone who approaches ‘selling’ that way, hang on – because 2023 will be a real rough ride financially.

Most of those salespeople won’t change – not before their income drops so much they may quit selling cars.

If their dealer hasn’t trained them, it’s safe to say they won’t train their replacements, either. That means you’ll get those buyers.

I was a buyer looking for just about anything close to the right vehicles last year. So read how 10 salespeople treated someone (they didn’t know me) who ended up buying 3 vehicles in 2022 and paid way too much over sticker…

I was flexible and wasn’t in a hurry, so most salespeople could have taken a deposit on  something coming in or even ordered me one.

If you really want to make $100K+ selling cars, get my ‘goals’ book, take the courses on JVTN® seriously and get to our next workshop.

And if you’re one of the few who will double down and take the time to learn to sell, you’ll definitely have the advantage. Why? Because of the 20/60/20 rule in life.

• The top 20% … do the work it takes to succeed, including spending their own money.

One salesperson was at $44K a year. He spent $1,200 for class and hit $97K that year. He attended 11 more classes (11 x $1,200), improved every year and hit $199,500 in 2022.

• The bottom 20% … do everything they can to avoid improving. And they believe their own story about why they don’t sell more and earn more.

• The 60% … they’re a hum-haw group of followers. The top half will give it some effort and improve some, the bottom half pick the wrong 20% to follow.

Start listening. You’ll hear the 80% explain why they can’t, while the 20% just keep on selling cars and making money.


Your success is your choice and you have almost no real competition.


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