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CRIC Beats “ITIO” Again & Again

“I’ll think it over and get back to you” – is one of the easiest objections to close on.

Instead of dropping the price or carding them, first, you need to Clarify what they mean … “Bob, help me out here for a second before you leave … what is it you want to think over … is it something I said, is it the color, equipment or is it the price?”

If you’ve done a decent job and are on the right vehicle, they’ll almost always pick price. It’s either a real objection, or they figure it’s their ticket off the lot.

Either is OK, because with CRIC price is easy to work with, so now Rephrase price to budget – “Bob, it sounds like you’re like me and everyone else, it sounds like you’re on a budget, huh?” Yeah, that’s it! Then Isolate ‘budget’: “So Bob, if we sat down and figured everything out and if you were OK with the numbers and you felt your budget could handle it, other than budget is there any other reason we couldn’t send you home in it now?” No, I guess not. Close with,“Great, let’s figure this out, can I get you coffee or something cold to drink while we take care of the paperwork?” Coffee would be great.

From “I’ll think it over” and a lost sale to a commitment in 100 words or less. Just take the time to learn another 100 words besides ‘Price’ & ‘Discount’!    

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