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Customer Satisfaction

What does it take to make a customer happy with their purchase?

The answer lies in what makes any of us feel good after we’ve spent a lot of money on something.
We all want to feel like we got…

  • a great product,
  • at a fair price,
  • from a salesperson and company (dealership) that will take care of us after the sale, as well.

A “Fair Price” is always determined by what customers pay in relation to the value you’ve created in your product.

“Value” is the key word in Customer Satisfaction.

“Value” is also the secret to making more sales and increasing your gross profit & commission.

The most critical stage of selling is the ‘value building process’ and that’s why you can’t let the process focus on price instead.
If you talk price, trades, down or payments early on, you’ll never get to building the value people need to see so they can say, “Yes, we’ll take it.”

Value is why your highest gross deals are usually your most satisfied customers.
The lack of value is why customers who get the cheapest prices are never satisfied, and give you some of your worst CSI scores.
Too many salespeople ‘hope’ for sales, even though they skipped every step and built zero value.

People who do pay more, do so because they see the value of purchasing your product at the price you’ve asked them to pay.
I didn’t learn any of this my first 5 years – and working bell to bell most days to sell 8 a month with small paychecks wore me out.
Then after I learned more, I really understood that when you focus on price on the lot, and close on price, you just set yourself up for lost sales and low pay. and if you’re like me back then, I blamed the customer for not buying.

If you’ll slow down and follow my directions in each step of the 8 step basics, I’ll show you how to…

  • make your prospect feel at ease within minutes,
  • kill price conversations with a single question, so that you can spend your time building value,
  • and close the sale and deliver more vehicles.

There’s no Rocket Science to this, but there are NO shortcuts.

It takes time to develop these skills, and time to develop the habit of following the steps every time, with every customer.
Develop the skills and consistency to follow the steps – you’ll remove the tension of buying, sell more cars, have more fun, make more money & earn great…

Customer Satisfaction!


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