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How To Deal With A Well-Prepared Customer?

When customers walk on the lot with a printout on their trade value from Kelley Blue Book and 2 best deal offers from a competitor, to give yourself the best chance of making a sale, should you…

❑ Escape. Introduce yourself, tell them you’re with someone, turn them to the new guy, hope he sells it so you can weasel in on half a deal.

❑ Approach the customer with a spring in your step and a smile on your face, introduce yourself and completely disarm them with…

“It looks like you guys came prepared, that’s great, let’s talk about the car you’re looking for.”

(Now follow the steps to a sale.)

 “So who’s the lucky one this time?” [Bob: it’s for me.]

“Congratulations, is this for a special occasion, an anniversary, birthday, or just time to trade?” [It’s just time.]

Are you looking for another truck or something else this time?” [A truck, I use it for business.]

“Do you prefer a crew cab or extended cab?” [Crew.]


Why bother? Because with a couple quotes from 2 others dealers, your chances are slim to none if you focus on price. Instead, remember when people say “price” is most important, it isn’t. Fitting the perfect car into their budget is their biggest goal.

Help find that perfect car for them, and close on ‘budget’.


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