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Delivered 21.5 in 3rd month of selling!

With JVTN®, I delivered 21.5 my 3rd month and earned over $10,000.

“Joe, I can’t say enough about how your training on JVTN® and your team have helped me in my new career.  

Before selling cars, I was working at a fast food job. Using JVTN® to learn how to sell, I delivered 21.5 units my 3rd month selling cars, and made over $10,000, which is more this month than in 5 months at my last job.

I’m following your directions and improving every month. I started taking 4 chapters on JVTN® every week, filled in every blank in the workbook as I went through each chapter, took the quizzes and did the homework. I did just as you said, ‘take the courses and do the work – don’t just watch videos’.

I practiced with your support team, my coworkers and I practiced by myself. I learned your 8 step sales process and continually work at getting better in each step. Learning to ask the right questions has helped me a ton on the lot with closing, following up with customers and setting appointments that show.

Dreams can come true, when you have the selling skills and habits you need to become a true car sales professional. Thanks, Joe.”

Eduardo Roman, Salesperson, TX 


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