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The Demonstration

The ‘make it or break it’ step in selling.

Want to turn more of your driving presentations (demos) into more sales with higher commissions, and happier customers?

If so, here are a few tips…

• Before you drive any vehicle, make sure you heat up or cool down the inside, so they’ll be comfortable.

• Don’t let your customers drive any vehicle that doesn’t run properly, because their first impression will be negative. It doesn’t matter if blue is their favorite color, if the blue one doesn’t run right, drive the red one instead and put the blue one in service where you should have put it when you first found out it had a problem.

• Don’t assume they’re comfortable with the controls. Tell them to relax and adjust themselves to all of the controls and the mirrors when you switch drivers.

• Continually reinforce the positive features during the demonstration: “This sure drives nice, doesn’t it, Bob?”, “Won’t this be fun on those winding mountain roads up to your cabin?”

• Stop talking! Mental ownership comes first, then a delivery may be in your future. After I’d trade drivers, I’d always say, “Just pretend I’m not here and enjoy yourselves.”

Give them the chance to clearly imagine themselves owning your vehicle – and they’ll probably take it home today.

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