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Develop Another Good Habit

For most salespeople, staying positive and being confident takes work, especially in sales where you hear “no” way more often than you hear the “yes” that equals a paycheck.

I was going through my files and found some very old 3×5 cards that were so worn they were barely legible. For months I’d carry one of these cards with me to work every day and I’d carry the same card for at least a month, and read it over and over again throughout the day.

Why? Well, take staying off price. We know it’s #16 on their buying motives, but we’ve all developed the habit of bringing up price, trade value, down and payments before we build the value high enough to actually make the sale.

I was trying to learn how to stay off price. I tried my new script now and then but it didn’t work very often. But I hadn’t practiced enough to really develop my skills and I hadn’t made staying off price a habit, so it couldn’t work consistently.

Then I read a book on developing good habits. It said, “Write things down on a 3×5 card and carry it with you, so you can read it again and again.” So I did, and after a month or so of reading… “Price is not their #1 buying motive. When price comes up, I will bypass it with something like ‘it’s 17,3 – that reminds me – did you want a 2-door again or a 4-door or van this time?’… and then continue the steps to the sale.”

It worked. I stopped talking price because I was reminded daily of a better response to use instead of my old price talk.

You really can do anything – it just takes a plan and determination. If you want to feel more confident… on a 3×5 card write, “I like selling cars, I’m good at it and every day I take the time to learn something new so I can get even better.”

Read your card 5 or 6 times a day and actually learn something every day (Tip: Taking chapters of a course on JVTN® daily will literally make you rich). A month from now, you’ll feel the change and see it in your paycheck.

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