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Develop Your Skills Faster

You’re reading this, taking courses on JVTN® and attending our classes to learn more, so let’s look at how to turn knowledge into skills faster.

  1. Nothing helps you learn faster than practicing. So find a partner and practice together at least 20 minutes a day.

Rule: No tough customers. You aren’t trying to trip each other up, you’re trying to develop skills and win. After you get good, then be a tougher customer.

  1. Record Your Practice. Another effective method for you to learn a script or response to a question or objection, is to make a recording that you use at home or on your way to work.

Since every customer will bring up price in some form, a great subject to start with is learning to ‘bypass price’ in the ‘Price’ course on JVTN®.

Just read the practice scripts on price, trades, down, and payments into your smartphone. As you make the recording, read the customer’s question… “How much is it?” (etc.) – then leave a pause that’s long enough for you to respond.

When you’re responding, focus on improving your tone, inflection, timing and your delivery. Do the same for all of the questions and objections in that course and in 30 days or less, you’ll know how to make price a nonissue the rest of your career.


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