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Developing Skills

My biggest challenges with developing my skills started with taking everything I learned about selling pots and pans, real estate, insurance, etc., and reworking that into the specific words & phrases I’d need to use selling cars.

Then came processes. Selling pots and pans or insurance going door to door, isn’t the same process you’d use to sell a car. So my second challenge was to completely rework and improve those best processes I’d created as a closer.

Even after my team became #1 using what I created back then,
we still weren’t good, we just weren’t as bad

When I started selling cars again, I wanted one process that would walk every customer through their stages of buying, that I could follow 100% of the time with everyone.

Another challenge was breaking away from what I was led to believe and in changing my selling habits.

Two Sales Killers…

“Price is most important.” It isn’t. Price is #16 on their list of concerns buying a car. The first 15 are all value related. And…

You can’t talk price and build value.

“Everyone is different and should be treated differently.” Totally wrong.

When it comes to buying – rich or poor, cash or credit – everyone has to complete the full circle mental buying process to make their purchase.

“But Joe, if it’s so easy, why don’t more salespeople earn $100,000 a year?”

Instead of doing what I say, most change my process & scripts to something more comfortable for them at their current level.

Just do & say exactly what I cover and you’ll sell more & earn more!


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