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Developing Your Skills

If you’re training on JVTN® or attending our sales workshops so you can sell more, let’s talk about how you can turn knowledge into skills.

We retain…

• 10% of what we read
• 20% of what we hear
• 30% of what we see
• 70% of what we discuss w/others
• 80% of what we experience

So what does that all mean? Well, whether you take the courses on JVTN® or in person, we’ve built in everything above into every session.

You have a workbook, you hear us, you’ll see our examples on the board or on screen, and in class we’ll talk about each point and role play. On JVTN® we have to rely on you to talk about and practice the important scripts – that’s why everything you need is in your workbook.

Whether you use the workbooks from JVTN® or class, fill in the blanks while you listen with an open mind, watch our examples and you’ll retain about 30%. (But no skills yet.)

If you also talk about what you read, saw and heard, you’ll hang onto about 70%. (Lots better.)

To develop your skills, add 20 minutes of practice to what you’ve just learned, and you’ll be shocked at how easy the 8 steps are, and the words we teach will start to flow naturally into your sales process.

‘Watching” doesn’t develop skills, so follow our directions and take our courses to develop your skills.

If you will, you’ll sell more and earn more – and isn’t ‘Selling & Earning’ why you go to work every day!


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