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Did You Know…

• More salespeople are millionaires than physicians.

• 70% of self-talk (what you tell yourself) is negative and huddle talk is even worse.

• We spend over 11 hours per day watching, reading or interacting online or on TV (2 hours & 15 minutes of that is on social media).

We check our phones over 80 times per day and spend another 3 hours and 35 minutes there.

In total, we spend over 200 (24 hour) days per year online in some form.

What can you do about it?

Based on these stats, I’d recommend the following changes…

• To make more money, stay in sales!

• Run from negative conversations as though your personal and financial future is at risk, which it is.

• Spend less time online and on the phone, and turn off the TV!

• Involve yourself with positive people and activities and read or listen to something positive every day instead.

• Spend at least 30 minutes 4 x per week on car sales training and to take the online courses on JVTN® to develop your sales skills.


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