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Do You Believe In YOU?

Albert Einstein got low scores in arithmetic, Winston Churchill got poor grades in English, and both ended up being two of the greatest men in history. Bezos (Amazon) and Musk (Tesla) are both headed to a TRILLION in value for their companies. Their initial value was ZERO.

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times trying to make a light bulb that would work. He didn’t say he felt like a failure, instead he said; “I’ve found 10,000 ways a lightbulb won’t work.”

Maybe somebody encouraged them early in their lives and told them they could do anything, and maybe that was all they needed to hear to become successful.

Or maybe their lives were just normal like most people’s, or maybe it sucked like so many other people’s, and maybe that’s what gave them their drive to succeed.

You really do get to choose who you are today, tomorrow, next month, next year and the rest of your life, but you definitely can’t just ‘wish’ it, and make it so.

I’ve learned that you gotta have a clear goal, a plan that will work, and then you have to work your butt off to reach your goal.

And don’t wait until the timing is right.

Improving your skills & income will never
be more ‘right’ than it is today!


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