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Do you sell everything or just the ones you like?

It’s one thing to sell your favorite vehicle that your dealership offers. It’s another thing to care enough, learn enough, and try just as hard to sell those you don’t like.

In one of the first classes I held for Toyota, we were talking about investigating who it’s for, etc., so we can select the perfect vehicle for the customer, etc.

Then, one salesperson said, “I never sell a Cressida.”

Of course I wanted to know why, so I asked, “What do you mean you don’t sell Cressidas?”

He said, “Yeah, we have them, but I don’t like them, so I don’t sell them.”

So I asked what he did when people wanted to look at them, because that’s what they wanted to buy.

And he said he tried to switch them to a Camry instead, because he liked them better.

I asked how that usually worked out, and he said, “Not very often.”

So I asked if he just kinda ran ‘em off if they wouldn’t look at the Camry. He said, “Yeah, pretty much, I just like the Camry better.”

The longer he talked, the more everyone realized he was definitely not a very good salesperson.

Duh! Aside from blowing a commission, our job is to sell every product that our dealer offers, not just our favorites.

If you don’t like a vehicle or don’t know enough about it, just hand them off to someone who does.


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