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Do you use this to close the sale on price: “If I could, would you?”

I started selling at a very old school store; push hard, lowball some $ and get ‘em inside!

We were all 8 car guys. The only sales training we got was working the deal. That was great, but we didn’t ‘sell the car’ first, we were just taught to sell the lowball ‘price’.

I always used the ‘8 car guy’ close which was straight to price…

“If we could save you enough, would you take it now?”

We were 8 car guys who put in long hours and worked most days off. Except for Charlie, the old guy who’d been selling for years. He sold 12-15 and did most of his business with repeat customers and hardly ever stayed late.

He was really nice, but didn’t talk to me for months. So one day I asked him why and he said, “Because you guys won’t be here very long, anyway.” I asked why, and he said, “Because all you do is take shortcuts and try to ‘would you take’ everyone.”

So I argued why I had to talk price with a guy who sold 50% more than me who didn’t talk price. Duh!

My pride, ego or whatever it was kept me in my lane in sales, because I wouldn’t even consider change.

Selling cars is the job of a lifetime when you realize you’re selling wants and needs, not price. Open your mind. I did and hit 36 my 3rd month back selling cars!


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