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Doubled Units, Tripled Gross

I more than doubled my units & tripled my gross with Joe’s training!

“When I first started selling cars, my manager told me to just go talk to people and that I’d get the hang of it.

I didn’t, so a year later I reached out to The Joe Verde Group and I started with Joe’s book ‘How to Sell a Car Today’.

I didn’t just read his book, I did the work that came with it, including practicing his scripts, and I really started to understand my job.

Higher sales and higher gross came with those sales selling skills and understanding, along with a better sense of being connected to my customers long term, to create lasting relationships.

I knew the value of getting more of Joe’s training, and took it upon myself and made my own personal investment in JVTN® to further my career. I have consistently continued to grow with the help of The Joe Verde Group.

My initial goal was to sell 20 cars a month and earn $10,000 in net income. After reaching it, that goal is just a distant past milestone.

I just had my best month ever of 29 units and tripled my gross.

My current average is now 22.6 units per month, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much further I can go. Thank you, Joe!”

– Alexander McGrew, Salesperson, Toyota Lexus, IN