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Doubled My Units, Tripled My Income

“After your workshop, I doubled my units and almost tripled my income.”

“Before your Sales Class, I was pretty much just figuring out how to do this on my own and was averaging 10 a month and about $4,000 in commission.

At the workshop I learned your New Basics sales process and knew I could follow those 8 steps with every customer. I also learned why asking the ‘right’ questions to control the sale and why persistence is so important to getting past those common objections customers have.

My confidence has never been greater and my customers are much happier now that they’re working with a true sales professional.  After your workshop, I sold 20 units and made $11,000 in commission and won a trophy for having the biggest gross in the store.

Joe, thanks for an incredible process that flat out works. No guesswork is needed, just follow your steps to the sale and be a success!”

– David Quinto, Salesperson, FL


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