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Doubling Up!

“I doubled my sales and increased my gross.”

“Joe, I have been selling cars only 4 months and was so lucky to get at a dealership that started using your training my 4th month.

The first day we got JVTN® , my manager said you’re going to watch a minimum of one chapter per day every day.  I have stuck to that, and have been learning a ton.

They also sent me to your Closing Workshop and I was amazed at how much I was able to retain and implement right away after the class. When I got back I focused on my questions; asking way more and better questions, slowing the sales process down, building more value and staying off price. It worked! I doubled my sales and increased my gross that same month.

Thanks to JVTN® and your workshop, I have the tools to keep growing every day!”

– Shannon McMurray, Salesperson, Prince Edward Island


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