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Emotions Drive Most Purchases

Customers buy a different car or truck because they want to, not because they need to.

The more excited they are when they’re on the lot, the more likely they are to buy. (Think about it – when people are cautious, aren’t we all less likely to buy?)

Their positive emotions come from the sights, sounds and that new car smell, and their imagination when they picture themselves driving this vehicle home.

Their negative emotions can come from talking to Slick Willy or a salesperson who knows nothing about anything, and just keeps talking and talking, and never listens.

But one other thing kills more sales than anything else – and that’s talking about the price, trade value, down payment and payments before they’ve made an emotional decision and taken mental ownership of the vehicle you’re showing them.

It’s critical to keep these two steps in order…

1. Follow our 8 steps to selling and sell the ‘vehicle’, so that they take TMO (Total Mental Ownership).

2. Wrap it up (step #8) and head inside to start the paperwork.

“But what if they can’t afford it? Shouldn’t I find out if they can really buy it first?”

Go back to the 5th paragraph above, “But one other thing kills more sales…” and read it again.

Find their wants, needs & hot buttons, then keep pushing those while you continually have them confirm how the features and the vehicle is perfect for them.

Keep their focus on budget, not price. Start with shorter terms. Work with them for more down, longer term, etc. Because if they love it, most of them will find a way to pay for it.


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