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Experience vs. Skills & Attitude

About experience in sales…

1. If all it took was experience to get better at selling and closing, and if I look back at my time in sales, other than the COVID bonanza on income the last few years, if I haven’t been continually improving my skills, it’s on me…not our inventory, market, etc.

True False

2. Most salespeople focus on lack of inventory, especially now, and the market, weather, economy, pricing, trade values dropping and keep explaining why customers just really are not on the lot to buy a vehicle.

And they repeat; I ‘wish’ things would improve, so I could sell more.

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3. A well-trained salesperson who has developed more selling, closing, negotiation, phone & lead appointment skills, and follow up, prospecting, and customer retention skills … will almost always sell more units and earn more money than a salesperson who has developed no new skills.

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4. My Commitment NOW

❑ I’m better than I’ve allowed myself to be in sales. I will commit to use all of this info, and I’ll rate myself in every area of selling.

I’ll set a realistic goal to improve one skill per month, create a daily plan, ‘come to work to work’ my shift, and I will succeed.


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