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Final Frontier In Sales…

How To Close The Sale More Often

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a ‘secret close’ that worked almost every time? That would sure save a lot of time and effort, huh?

Actually, we teach about a dozen of those perfect closes that work almost every time.

If they don’t, then we teach a dozen or so more closes that will probably still work.

And when we need to reach to the bottom of the bucket because nothing else works, then we have another 4 or 5 dozen ‘hardly ever used’ closes that do work ‘now & then’.

The catch with closing and making closing simple, is following the 8 steps to the sale, 100%.

The first 4 steps are where you greet & build rapport, gather info, select the vehicle, and demo & present the value.

Oops! Most salespeople skip or mangle the first 4 steps, and then wonder why people won’t buy.

Quick recap of me trying to buy 3 cars last year. Of 10 salespeople:

1) none approached positively
2) none introduced themselves
3) none asked my name
4) none asked how I’d use it
5) only presentation was CarPlay
6) none offered a demo
7) none asked me to buy
8) leaving, none asked for my info
9) I asked 2 to call me back, didn’t

Print this article and circle what you need to fix.

Should anyone expect someone to buy or come back after that?

Flip it, though, and assume a salesperson did a great job in 1-6. Would I have been more likely to buy a car from them?

Even if that person didn’t close on the first attempt, if they knew another 5 or 10 ways to close the sale, could that have helped them send me home in a new vehicle?

Closing 50% to head inside is easy when you do the work on steps 1-4, and use my closes in 5-8.


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