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First Impressions Matter – Good or Bad

Customers make 1st impressions of everything, including your cars. If it’s a bad 1st impression, does that make it…

❑ Easier to close the sale –OR–
❑ Tougher to close the sale?

Why tougher? Because when you show a vehicle that isn’t clean, won’t start, or runs out of gas on the demo, you create credibility objections.

Any vehicles on your front line now that create a negative 1st impression? Why have you left them out there?

Oh, I forgot – it’s the porter’s fault or it’s because service didn’t fix them properly and that’s why they’re there.

Sorry, that may be true, but it doesn’t justify lost sales.

Why? Because you’re also responsible to make sure your inventory is clean, running good and ready to sell.

Instead of waiting for a customer to look at a vehicle you know is a problem, if it’s out of gas – get some now. If it won’t start, hook up a charger now. If it’s dirty, get it washed now. If it won’t run, take it to service now. And keep taking cars off the front line until they’re ready to sell.

This is your income we’re talking about, so step up and help out!


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