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Follow Up For 6-10 More Sales This Month

Before we talk about how to follow up your working prospects, let’s review what’s happened so far…

• 86% buy something other than what they said they wanted – and you did have a vehicle in stock they liked.

• You spent from 20 minutes to a couple of hours and went through some or all the steps of selling.

• For whatever reason – they didn’t buy so you have to choose a) or b). If you don’t choose, it defaults to:

a) Blow the time and effort you’ve already put into this potential sale, send them to your competitor and miss another sale you could be making.

b) Learn to get their info before they leave, spend 5 more minutes on follow up to get 1/3 of them back on the lot, so you can deliver 2 out of 3 of them a vehicle.

Here’s a very short summary of unsold follow up from one of our online course “Turn Unsold Customers Into Deliveries” on JVTN®. Of course there’s way more to learn, but follow these quick directions and you’ll start selling more now.

Your only goal with follow up is to sell an appointment. Not the vehicle or the price, just an appointment that shows.

  • Get their phone # first (cell is best and get their OK to text them), their email & mailing address – or you can’t follow up. Don’t ask, “Can I get your #?” Just ask, “What’s your best #?” Next: get email, street address and finally, “Spell your last name.”
  • Send a text within minutes. One that works with just about everyone; “Bob, make a u-turn quick, my manager has a buyer for your trade and wants to take a look at it.” Your manager does have a buyer.
  • If you get no response from your text, call them as soon as possible with the same urgent message.
  • Within an hour, email ‘thank you for stopping by’. Add personal ‘ps’ and repeat the ‘trade’ urgency.
  • End of the day, put a ‘thank you’ note in the mail.
  • Next day – call them again with ‘new’ information.
  • Call them again and again until they buy somewhere. Even if not from you, put them on your Master List.

Tip: Talk with your manager on exactly what to do & say.

Why does follow up work so well? That’s easy…

1.   You built rapport and gave them a good presentation.

2.   You made a great impression with your follow up.

3.   They enjoy recognition and appreciate the contact.

4.   They want to deal with someone they ‘like’.

5.   And – none of your competition did any of this!

So why not follow up to make another 6 – 10 sales per month? You have to work tomorrow, either way! 🙂

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