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From $37K to $127K after class

“From $34,000 a year to $127,000 after your class.”

“I was a detail manager for 7 years before moving into sales and making about $34,000 a year. 

When I started selling cars in 2019, my Dealer and Managers sent me to your 2-day sales class and that’s where you convinced me that everyone is a buyer. I also learned your 8 steps process (new basics) and you taught us how to close the sale many times with no pressure on the customer and no fear on my part – and it truly changed my life.  

I always ask for the sale 5 to 10 times and maybe a few more after that. I just don’t give up, because if they’re on my lot, they’re there to buy from me. It also amazes me how many times I have even asked my customers to help me practice some of my skills and they did, and they bought.

I had my best month ever with 37 units, and in just my first 6 months in sales I made $43,000. Last year, I was salesperson of the year and made $127,000. My current average is now 24 units a month even during a pandemic, and I am on track to beat last year by a lot.

Joe, as you know, success doesn’t happen by accident and like you’ve said, ‘sales are lost by a few words and not by a few dollars.’ I understand that now, and I continue to practice your scripts for an hour and a half before starting my workday. I know to most people that sounds like too much time spent learning more – but it’s nothing, because I’m earning 4x more than I earned before. 

I will continue to sharpen my skills and keep the words coming out as smooth and naturally as I can, because I know that the more I practice, the better I will get. Thanks, Joe!”

Randy Freeman, Salesperson, MO